Ahvenranta H-house
  • Ahvenranta H-house

    Ahvenranta ground renovation of House H will finish in december 2018. In total there will be 22 vacant studio apartments, between 23,5–33,5 m². Move in date 1.1.2019. The rents will be following:

    355€, studio 23,5m²

    380€, studio and 1r+k 28m²

    410€, 1r+ combined kitchen and living area 33,5m²

    See apartment layouts here: H-house.

    Additional fees which will be added to the rent is water fee 16€/person. Electricity is not included, contract have to be done before moving to www.vaasansahko.fi. Internet is included in the rent.

    Tenants in shared apartments are on priority to change into these newly renovated houses. Fill in the housing application and mention that you are applying for “new studio apartment in Ahvenranta”. Notice! Moving day has to be completed within one day.