• CORONA EPIDEMIC: Housing office closed for now

    We have switched our customer service to only electronic channels. You will reach us by phone and email between 10-15.30 o'clock (NB! no prolonged opening time on Mondays or Tuesdays). The handover of the keys and possible signatures of the tenancy agreement will be agreed separately with the housing office. The office doors are closed for the time being.

    You can return the apartment key(s) and forms to the mailbox outside the main door of our office.   

    In the event of any faults in your apartment, you can report them normally through our homepage. Please note, however, that less urgent faults may result in delayed repairs.   



    Due to the corona virus, we have intensified the cleaning in our properties, especially in laundry and sauna facilities. For the time being, common meeting areas are out of use during the epidemic. The sauna facilities are open until further notice. We will inform you separately of the possible closures of the sauna rooms

    The links below provide up-to-date information on the epidemic, as well as local guidelines if you suspect you are infected.

    THL's up-to-date guidance can be found here:


    Vaasa Central Hospital website incl. instructions and contact information: