GIVEAWAY: Roommate bingo
  • GIVEAWAY: Roommate bingo

    Autumn is for many a time to move into a new apartment, to get new acquaintances and maybe also new roommates. Maybe you are one of those who have now gotten a new roommate, or maybe you and your roommate have already lived together for quite a while? Maybe you have already moved out from your shared apartment?

    We invite all current and former roommates to participate in the roommate bingo, in which we want to hear what kinds of things you have done with your roommates. We will draw 3 x 30€ Wolt-Credits amongst the participants!

    Fill in the bingo card from our instagram Highlights with what kinds of things you and your roommate have done together. Can you fill it completely? If not, no worries, you will have time to fill in many more during the time you live together.

    Post the filled-out bingo card to your Instagram story and mark @voasvaasa to your post before the 30th of September. If you don’t have a public account, you can send it to us.

    Instagram or wolt is not ivolved in the giveaway.